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Focus On Music. Not Marketing.

Forget about asking people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. Tell them to download your app from the app store. You can reward users for listening, sell your merchandise, or let users know where you're performing. Vesl Music gives you the chance to grow your fan base and keep track of it.

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Control Your App From Our Dashboard.

Your app is your #1 marketing weapon. You will be able to send your fans push notifications, message them directly, give them access to exclusive music, and sell them your merchandise.

Give Fans Exclusive Access

You can make your newest tracks public, or only give access to a select few fans with zero risk of piracy or unwanted sharing.

Build Your Brand

Your music is more than sound. As an artist, you are a brand. Sell your merchandise to fans and reward them for their purchases.

Connect With Your Fans

No other streaming service allows you to send messages directly to your fans. With Vesl, you can create personal connections and message all your fans instantly.


Complete Control
Of Your Music

Your App

Users will be able to download your app from the App Store


Watch your fan base grown with full analytics.

Track Shares

Watch how many times your music has been shared and downloaded.


Send your fans personalized messages and push notificaitons.

Reward Fans

Your fans earn fan points for using your app. Reward your biggest fans.

Post tour dates

Let your fans know when you'll be coming to a city near them.

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Upload Your Mixes or Albums.

70% of your fans want to download your app. Vesl allows you to eaily create a centralized place to point all of your fans to, simply tell them "Download My App!".

Unlike Facebook, you won't have to pay for an ad every time you want to connect with all of the people that like your music. You can connect with them any time you want and even send them push notifications.

Users can favorite the tracks they love, buy your merchandise, and view your upcoming concerts. Vesl allows you to not only distribute your music, but to connect with your fans like never before.

Reward Your Biggest Fans

Your biggest fans are your brand advocates. They share your music, tell people how great you are, and are the key to you gaining fame and fortune.

All your users automatically earn Fan Points by sharing your music, sharing your app, using your app, and listening to your music. We track all of the statistics for you automatically, and let you give your biggest fans access to exclusive music and other rewards.

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App Image

Sell Your Merchandise.

With Vesl, you'll never have to write a single line of code. We have a fully built eCommerce engine, so you can sell your merchandise, keep track of your inventory, and manage your customer orders with an easy to use point and click interface.

You can choose what categories of merchandise you want to sell, and even sell world wide. We do all the heavy lifting for you, enabling you to setup different flat rate shipping prices per country. We handle emailing your customers their order details, letting them know when their order has shipped, and even keepinf track of how much inventory you have left.

Your fans can even earn Fan Points for buying your merchandise. We only take a 10% fee for our server costs with every order placed.


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